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EXATEL S.A. provides technical support to start-ups incubated at ESA BIC Poland. As part of the support offered, a startup can receive technological advice, testing of security level of prepared solutions and access to a satellite infrastructure (antenna with transmitter and receiver).

About the company:

EXATEL is a Polish telecommunications operator, as well as an ICT, cybersecurity and satellite connectivity service provider. It has constructed and now manages one of the largest fibre-optic networks in Poland – one that is over 21 800 km long. It has been busy developing cyber solutions for business, other operators and the public sector. As part of on-going research and development projects, the company has developed proprietary ICT and cybersecurity solutions, such as the Polish TAMA anti-DDoS, SDNbox or SDNcore and CriNet Critical Network SDN Security System.

Technical support offer

 EXATEL S.A. provides technical support for ESA BIC Poland Incubatee:

  • consulting services and support of technical/technological experts;
  • provision of 10 licenses / startup to use Confluence and JIRA systems;
  • providing testing of prepared solutions for selected startups to verify the level of security of the application (5 days / 1 test);
  • provision of satellite infrastructure (3.8m antenna with transmitter and receiver) for solution testing + support of a specialist for each startup.

Additionally, EXATEL S.A. offers paid services, including:

  • Telecommunications services: Quality Internet, MPLS IP VPN, Ethernet data transmission, telecom line lease, EXATEL WLAN, SMS wholesale, One Number service, VOIP telephony – VaaS (Voice as a Service), IP telephony, Call Center / Contact Center as a Service (CaaS), Infoline and Zoom for business;
  • Cyber security services: Security Operations Center (SOC), Antimalware, Data Leak Protection (DLP) service, TAMA Anti-DDoS, penetration testing, security audit;
  • Services for operators: telecom line leasing for operators, Quality Internet, Internet Exchange Points, lowest latency data transmission, Ethernet data transmission for operators, IP transit;
  • Wholesale voice;
  • ICT services: infrastructure construction and maintenance, EXATEL Virtual Desktop, colocation services, managed Firewall / UTM (Unified Threat Management), managed WAF (Web Application Firewall), EXATEL WLAN;
  • Satellite communications services.


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