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EXATEL S.A. provides technical support to start-ups incubated at ESA BIC Poland. As part of the support offered, a startup can receive technological advice, testing of security level of prepared solutions and access to a satellite infrastructure (antenna with transmitter and receiver).

About the company:

EXATEL is a Polish telecommunications operator and provider of cyber security services. It manages a fiber-optic data transmission network of about 20,000 km. It offers data transmission, leased lines, voice, Internet services, as well as hosting and colocation.

Technical support offer

 EXATEL S.A. provides technical support for ESA BIC Poland Incubatee:

  • consulting services and support of technical/technological experts;
  • provision of 10 licenses / startup to use Confluence and JIRA systems,;
  • providing testing of prepared solutions for selected startups to verify the level of security of the application (5 days / 1 test);
  • provision of satellite infrastructure (3.8m antenna with transmitter and receiver) for solution testing + support of a specialist for each startup.

Additionally, EXATEL S.A. offers paid services, including:

  • Telecommunications services: Quality Internet, MPLS IP VPN, Ethernet data transmission, telecom line lease, EXATEL WLAN, SMS wholesale, One Number service, VOIP telephony – VaaS (Voice as a Service), IP telephony, Call Center / Contact Center as a Service (CaaS), Infoline and Zoom for business;
  • Cyber security services: Security Operations Center (SOC), Antimalware, Data Leak Protection (DLP) service, TAMA Anti-DDoS, penetration testing, security audit;
  • Services for operators: telecom line leasing for operators, Quality Internet, Internet Exchange Points, lowest latency data transmission, Ethernet data transmission for operators, IP transit;
  • Wholesale voice;
  • ICT services: infrastructure construction and maintenance, EXATEL Virtual Desktop, colocation services, managed Firewall / UTM (Unified Threat Management), managed WAF (Web Application Firewall), EXATEL WLAN;
  • Satellite communications services.


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