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National Centre for Nuclear Research

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The National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) is one of the largest scientific institutes in our country, with, among other facilities, Poland’s only Maria nuclear research reactor. NCBJ provides technical support to start-ups incubated at ESA BIC Poland. As part of the support offered, a startup can receive access to scientists, advanced 3D printing laboratory, 3D scanner laboratory and many more!

About the company:

NCBJ employs more than 1,100 physicists, chemists, computer scientists, engineers and support staff. The scientific staff of the Institute consists of over 400 people, including over 65 professors and habilitated doctors, about 250 doctors and 250 engineers. The institute has A category awarded as a result of the evaluation of Polish scientific units, and is a partner of the Joint Research Center (JRC), which provides research and scientific facilities for the European Commission.
The Świerk Science and Technology Park (PNT) operates on the premises of NCBJ, which is a base for the rapid implementation of research results in the economy. PNT supports the activities of the Institute’s organizational units in obtaining and implementing commercial contracts, commercialization of scientific research results and negotiations with entrepreneurs, as well as conducts activities related to the legal and patent protection of NCBJ interests. The Park provides support in the field of research and commercial services, and also intensifies the Institute’s commercial cooperation with industry. It participates in national and international research and development projects carried out in cooperation or for external entities, including from the economic sector.

Technical support offer

 NCBJ provides technical support for ESA BIC Poland Incubatee:

  • Incubation services (rental of office and laboratory, warehouse space, access to innovative companies located on PNT premises);
  • Access to scientists and interesting scientific and research projects;
  • Preparation of technological offer: support in the field of scientific and research work, especially in the field of material science in the broadest sense, using destructive and non-destructive methods.

NCBJ, as a partner of ESA BIC Poland, is able to provide comprehensive support in building a technology offering for an incubated startup on the basis of existing equipment:

  • The Advanced 3D Printing Laboratory offers the possibility of printing three-dimensional, precise models that are fully functional metal parts. Services provided:
    • preparation of models for printing, consulting in the field of technology and printing methods,
    • printing of three-dimensional models using the SLM technique (maximum print dimensions: 80x80x72 mm, available materials: 316L steel, TiAl6V4 titanium, bronze. Print accuracy: about 0.1 mm (X, Y, Z)).
  • The 3D Scanner Laboratory performs spatial scanning of objects using structured light technology.
    • Scanning objects with an accuracy of up to 20 microns,
    • Creating 3D documentation,
    • Comparing real objects with .cad, .stl.
  • The Electronics Laboratory provides access to the tools necessary for commissioning, testing and prototyping of electronic circuits. The lab provides the opportunity to test advanced electronic systems using the latest technologies, such as gigabit serial communications, fiber optics, GSM, Wi-Fi, RFID, etc.
  • The Climate Chamber Laboratory offers climate and vibration testing.
  • Clean room laboratory that meets the international standard ISO 14 644-1 – class 8.
  • Cyber security
  • The Materials Research Lab (LBM) – LBM con­ducts rese­arch, re-appro­val and dia­gno­stic works on con­struc­tion mate­rials and their welded joints in the field of widely under­stood mate­rials science, using destruc­tive and non-destruc­tive methods. Non-irra­dia­ted and irra­dia­ted mate­rials are tested. LBM inc­lu­des the Labo­ra­tory for Struc­tu­ral, Cor­ro­sion and Che­mi­cal Testing, the Labo­ra­tory of Mecha­ni­cal Testing, the Labo­ra­tory of Non-Destruc­tive Testing and the Work of Hot Cham­bers con­si­sting of a set of 12 lead cham­bers with a maxi­mum shiel­ding of 100 Ci (3.7 × 1012 Bq), equ­ip­ped with appro­priate tech­no­lo­gi­cal instal­la­tions and con­nec­ted to each other by a trans­port tun­nel. The cham­bers are equ­ip­ped with equ­ip­ment for testing the pro­per­ties of irra­dia­ted con­struc­tion mate­rials.
  • The Radiation Protection Measurements Laboratory (LPD) – The Laboratory of Dosimetric Measurements assesses the impact of the Świerk nuclear center on the environment and monitors exposure to ionizing radiation of NCBJ personnel. LPD provides external entities with services in the field of calibration of dosimetry equipment, dosimetry measurements as well as training and expertise in the field of dosimetry and radiological protection.
  • The Department of Nuclear Equipment HITEC (ZdAJ) – ZdAJ is a facility of the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) dealing with the construction, production, sales and maintenance services of equipment applied in the industrial and medical sectors. ZdAJ has technological facilities and, above all, our own modern production hall and bunkers necessary to work with devices generating ionizing radiation. Thanks to this, ZdAJ can offer a wide range of services using modern infrastructure.


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