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RECTANGLE Sp. z o.o. provides technical support to start-ups incubated at ESA BIC Poland. Technical support in the field of: GNSS technology, radio interference, design of electronic systems and development of embedded software.

About the company:

RECTANGLE Sp. z o. o. is a company created to develop innovative hi-tech products and solutions dedicated to telecommunications, transport, public security, crisis management and the critical infrastructure sector. Company is specializes in:

 •  electronics design,
 • developing algorithms and software,
 • radio navigation systems,
• inertial navigation systems,
• active location systems based on radar, optics or sound,
• on-board command and control systems,
• FPGA technology,
• telecommunications solutions.

Technical support offer

 RECTANGLE Sp. z o.o. provides technical support for ESA BIC Poland Incubatee in the area of:

• GNSS technology,
• detection and prevention of radio interference,
• design of electronic systems,
• development of embedded software.

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