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Lukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation

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Institute of Aviation provides technical support to start-ups incubated at ESA BIC Poland.

About the company:

Lukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation is one of the most modern research institutions in Europe, with traditions dating back to 1926. Its main focus is delivery of new technologies. Research and development activities are focused on practical issues and anticipating key trends in aerospace propulsion systems, structures and related new technologies – mainly for space and unmanned vehicles.

As for space technologies, Lukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation main goal is to conduct R&D activities on space propulsion systems (including novel solid, liquid and hybrid rocket motors and engines), green propellants (including development, handling and testing environmentally friendly propellants) and space transportation systems. Work is continuing on the use of concentrated and purified hydrogen-peroxide for rocket propulsion and recent efforts allowed major advances in the fields of: robotics, defense systems, energetics, remote sensing, etc.

Technical support offer

 Consulting services provided free of charge to the incubated startup:

  • Technological consulting in terms of domestic and European industry opportunities and potential technological niches
  • Support to the startup in terms of identifying possible technological risks and the need to target activities in terms of avoiding the so-called “valley of death” in space technology development
  • Substantive support in the form of lectures provided by Experts from Łukasiewicz – Aviation Institute (areas of avionics, remote sensing, digital technologies, environmental research, space propulsion, modern manufacturing technologies, composite technologies and materials technologies, among others)
  • Realization of training courses in selected areas of specialization of the Institute
  • Advising on the use of appropriate numerical models and computational analysis for the development of space components and systems
  • Possibility of joint acquisition of external funding using the Institute’s existing experience (national and international R&D programs)

Provision of infrastructure and facilities for components at attractive costs:

  • There is the possibility of carrying out flight tests of components aboard a suborbital rocket of the Lukasiewicz Institute of Aviation. Chemical laboratories are also available, including a Propellants Laboratory for the synthesis of high-energy propellants (both solid, liquid and hybrid) and a Catalyst Laboratory for the preparation of heterogeneous catalysts.
  • Dedicated Environmental Testing Laboratory allows testing and qualification of satellite components and systems. Poland’s largest TVAC (Thermal Vacuum Chamber) with a volume of 3.5 m3, shakers, climate chambers and a mobile cleanroom allow us to meet the most sophisticated requirements.
  • Realization of advanced prototyping of mechanical systems using, among other things, additive metal manufacturing technology
  • Comprehensive implementation of material and structural research
  • The institute has a Rocket Propulsion Laboratory, enabling a range of experimental activities related to the study of rocket and satellite propulsion. Three rocket propulsion hot-firing test stands are available and allow for comprehensive testing of the operation of engines with thrusts of up to 5 kN.  The control and measurement system make it possible to measure hundreds of engine operating parameters (thrust, temperatures and pressures in individual engine sections, fuel and oxidizer flow rates, vibrations etc.), as well as to study the temperature field using thermal imaging cameras and record data using fast cammeras.


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