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KP Labs sp. z o.o.  provides business support to start-ups incubated at ESA BIC Poland.

About the company

KP Labs is an innovative New Space company based in Poland, focused on accelerating space exploration by advancing ​autonomous spacecraft operation and robotic technology. KP Labs develops its product line called Smart Mission Ecosystem, which brings together the necessary hardware: Data Processing Units (DPUs) and On-Board Computers (OBC), software, and AI-powered algorithms for on-board data processing. KP Labs offer is targeted to nano-, micro- and minisatellites. In Q4 2023 KP Labs’s hyperspectral satellite – Intuition-1 will be launched. Company owns private R&D Centre, which covers the area of 2370 m2 and includes specialized labs and facilities.

Support offer

  • Development of business plans,
  • Customer relations,
  • Pitch and pitch deck presentations development,
  • EO data sources and applicability.


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