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The first Incubation Contracts have been signed!

Six start-ups have signed the Incubation Contracts and are starting incubation within ESA BIC Poland

As a result of the first call for the ESA BIC Poland Incubator, which ended in April, 6 startups were selected from 18 ambitious projects. Industrial Development Agency as a ESA BIC Poland operator have signed Incubation Contracts with all of them, which begins a new stage of the project – incubation.

As part of the incubation, each startup receives incentive up to 50,000 EUR and business, technological and legal support (140 hours in total). The incubation will last from one to two years, and our experienced Partners are responsible for direct cooperation with startups: the Foundation For Technology Entrepreneurship and the Rzeszów Regional Development Agency.


  • Astrotectonic  ( is a start-up focused on providing communities and professionals with state-of-the-art analysis methods for revealing earthquake nature, as well as on combining multichannel measurements capable of monitoring seismic activity on a whole new level (Incubation place: Rzeszów);
  • Asynchronics is a startup building simulation platform developed in the open-source, that leverages the experience of the space industry with complex cyberphysical systems (Incubation place: Warsaw);
  • Extremo Technologies is a startup that uses microalgae in in-house designed products to support the future of life in space and on Earth. The bio-products can be tailored for uses in crewed deep space missions needing a sustainable and resource-independent approach for air revitalization (Incubation place: Warsaw);
  • Liftero works on building blocks of future space logistics in the form of orbital transfer vehicles and satellite mobility solutions (Incubation place: Warsaw);
  • Orbital Matter is a startup developing a new way of manufacturing for the space industry using 3D printing technology in an exposed space environment (Incubation place: Warsaw);
  • Supercluster is a startup focused on developing stratospheric autonomous solutions creating opportunities for both earth observation and testing (Incubation place: Rzeszów).