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Support in EO and cloud services

Startups incubated at ESA BIC Poland have extensive support in the field of Earth Observation and cloud services

Support in Earth Observation and cloud services

Companies incubated at ESA BIC Poland can benefit not only from the support of regional Partners but also from the support offered through the cooperation established by European Space Agency (ESA) under the ESA Partnership Initiative for Commercialisation (EPIC).

ESA established EPIC in 2022 under the ESA Commercialization Department and aims to connect corporate, academic and institutional partners with start-ups supported by ESA. As a result, EPIC’s main goal is to further strengthen entrepreneurship through brokering precise synergetic offers through fit-for-purpose partnerships.

The ESA BIC Poland national/regional partnership and the ESA EPIC partnership provide extensive support in the field of Earth observation and cloud services. Thanks to the establishment of broad cooperation, startups incubated at ESA BIC Poland can benefit from technical and mentoring support from the following institutions:

  • OVHclud is an international provider delivering public and private cloud services in 140 countries. With over 400 000 servers lodged in 33 data centres, the company also offers domain name registration, web hosting plans and telephony.
    ESA and OVHcloud announced an agreement in order to support both start-ups already working in the aerospace industry and those that could approach this sector. In the frame of the agreement, any company granted a contract as part of ESA BIC will be entitled to access to a number of free benefits offered by the Start-up Program. These include up to €100 000 of free credits for OVHcloud products and up to 20 hours of specific technical support from business experts.
  • Planet is a provider of global satellite data that revolutionized the earth observation industry with the highest frequency satellite data commercially available. Their fleet of over 200 earth imaging satellites, the largest in history, images the whole Earth land mass daily.
    Thanks to the partnership with ESA, provides discounted access to Earth observation data for ESA BICs startups, supporting their pre-commercial stage. In addition to providing access to data, Planet may provide technical, business and marketing support to select start-ups.
  • Sinergise has extensive expertise in developing advanced geospatial information systems based on cloud and web technologies.
    One of the key actions for accelerating entrepreneurship under ESA EPIC will be a free one-year enterprise-level subscription for Sinergise’s Sentinel Hub, a satellite imagery archiving, processing and distribution service. Sentinel Hub provides easy access to satellite data from missions such as Sentinel, Landsat, Planet, Pleiades and WorldView, and can help both space and non-space players leverage a wealth of EO-powered information.
  • ICEYE is the global New Space leader in satellite synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging technology with a track record of 24 SAR satellite missions launched and several more scheduled for 2023. ICEYE empowers commercial and government partners with unmatched persistent monitoring capabilities for any location on Earth.
    The ESE EPIC collaboration is aimed at strengthening the space start-up businesses on their road to scaling-up, enhancing the usage of innovative technologies & data and raising awareness of space-based services for sustainability. ICEYE’s partnership provides ESA BICs startups with easy access to affordable, high-quality SAR imagery, enabling them to develop new and innovative products.
  • ICEYE Polska – the main area of activity is satellite operations and mission planning. The Polish team supervised the work of the entire constellation and the process of making radar satellite images. Additionally, part of the design and engineering work takes place in Poland.
    ICEYE provides business development support to ESA BIC Poland and also offers SAR Satellite data which detailed offer you can find HERE.
  • Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (IGiK) – the primary task of the Institute is to conduct research and application work in the field of geodesy and cartography and related disciplines. An important part of the institute’s activities is to conduct research and applications of aerial and satellite remote sensing in agriculture, environmental protection, spatial management and public statistics.
    IGiK provides technical support in the field of: user operations in the ground segment – EO data analysis, spatial information systems, satellite geodesy, geodetic metrology, gravimetry, analytical photogrammetry, digital photogrammetry, terrestrial photogrammetry, distribution of satellite material.

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