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Absiskey Polska Sp. z o. o. provides business support to start-ups incubated at ESA BIC Poland.

About the company:

Absiskey Polska is a Polish company, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, specializing in space business innovation management and consulting. Absiskey Polska’s mission is to enhance the potential of our clients and partners by offering them strategies, tools and financing options (domestic and European) best suited to their research, development and innovation projects. The company provides a range of experts who have over 17 years of professional experience in various areas of the space sector and in consulting services Absiskey’s employees were appointed by ESA to the roles of: ESA Business Ambassador and ESA Technology Broker, serving all companies and institutions in Poland, interested in building commercial applications based on SPACE technologies.

Business support offer

 Services provided free of charge to the incubated startup:

1. Satellite data:

  • Support regarding Copernicus program and others, opportunities brought by satellite data;
  • Support regarding the identification of appropriate sources for obtaining satellite data;
  • Support regarding the processing of satellite data;

2. Aspects of obtaining project financing:

  • In consulting and submitting proposals under ESA BASS and InCubed Programmes (ESA Business Ambassadors);
  • Support in identifying the non-space sector companies interested in applying space technology as well as advising on identifying funds for supporting such transfer.

Paid services that may be provided to the incubated startup:

  • Support regarding the preparation of a project proposal under Horizon Europe, EIC Accelerator, ESA, national, others;
  • Support in building a consortium, finding potential consortium partners;
  • Support regarding project settlements.


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