Astrolayers presents an innovative deployable radiator, which surpasses traditional solutions in key aspects: (1) Lightweight Architecture; (2) Enhanced Thermal Performance; (3) Unparalleled Scalability and Adaptability

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Supercluster is a startup created at ESA BIC Poland incubator to produce control systems for latex stratospheric balloons. Services provided testing of satellite components and Cubesats in the stratosphere, stratospheric research, marketing services and earth observation from the stratosphere.

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Orbital Matter Poland

At Orbital Matter, we aim at becoming the first construction company in space. We are working on a 3D Printing technology to be used in orbit and on the Moon and Mars to manufacture large elements of space infrastructure e.g., walls for space stations, moon habitats and SBSP reflectors.

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Liftero is an orbital transportation company and their vision is to make space a prosperous place for all humanity. Liftero develop essential transportation infrastructure to unlock the untapped potential of the space economy.

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