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ESA BIC Poland Bootcamp

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ESA BIC Poland organizes a bootcamp preparing startups for incubation!

Date: 15-17.03.2023, 21-23.03.2023

Place: 15-17.03 and 21.03 – online.

22.03.2023 – Inkubator Podkarpackiego Parku Naukowo-Technologicznego AEROPOLIS, Jasionka

23.03.2023 – Brain Embassy Postępu, Warszawa

Selection for ESA BIC Poland Bootcamp completed!

10 teams were selected from 18 applications!

Congratulations to everyone who made it to the workshop.
For those who did not qualify, we recommend consulting the project with the ESA BIC Poland team.

Polish Space Agency is a strategic partner of ESA BIC Poland Bootcamp!

Important dates

3.03.2023 12:00 (28.02.2023) – Deadline for the application!

3.03.2023 – Selection of teams for Bootcamp

15-17.03.2023 – 9:00 – 16:00 – Business workshops as part of the Bootcamp (online)

21.03.2023 – Pitch training (online)

22.03.2023 – Open Day – Pitch Day in Rzeszow

23.03.2023 – Open Day – Pitch Day in Warsaw


The ESA BIC Poland bootcamp is aimed at teams that intend to apply to the ESA BIC Poland incubator. The team should already have an idea for a product or service with a “space connection”. Space connection is understood as a connection with space sector technologies through:
• The use of space technology in other sectors;
• Use of satellite data (EO, navigation, communication);
• A new product or service for the space sector.

For more information, see the recruitment documentation in the Apply tab.

The scope of the workshop includes the following thematic scope implemented for all participants:
• A success story of a startup in the space sector describing the stages of the company’s development;
• Building a team in a startup, management methodologies in startups;
• Defining the client and target market;
• Product development and value creation methodology;
• Customer acquisition workshops;
• Preparing an investor’s presentation;
• Introduction to the fundraising process by asking for support from individuals, businesses, charities or government institutions.

The entire training will be conducted according to a specific methodology for the development of new innovative projects, taking into account the specificity of the space sector along with the individual nature of the ESA BIC Poland incubation program, for which the workshops are to prepare.

The detail schedule can be found below. Program includes 3 days of online business workshops combined with individual mentoring. A separate online workshop preparing for the pitch deck and the last stationary day during which teams will be able to present themselves in front of a committee of experts and get to know all ESA BIC Poland partners better.

Bootcamp will be organized in polish, but you will be asked to present your idea at the end in English. 

Bootcamp schedule

How to apply?

We are sorry but application is closed.

  1. Read all documents below: Regulations, information on the processing of personal data and application form.
  2. Gather your team! The team should be between two and four people.
  3. Submit the Application Form! Application form should be sent to by March 3, 2023 12:00.
  4. Your Team will be informed by e-mail about the reservation of the place by the Organizer, after accepting the application.
  5. If the limit of places is exhausted, the Team may be added to the reserve list.
  6. After receiving information about booking a place for the workshop, the team members are obliged to pay the fee 99 PLN within 5 days from the date of receipt of the information. Together with the information about the reservation, the participant will receive payment details.
  7. Failure to pay the due payment by the participant within the prescribed period results in cancellation of the seat reservation.
  8. The team is obliged to participate in all activities (a team represented by one person must be present at all workshops).
  9. Take part in workshops and develop your project!
  10. Present yourself in front of a committee of experts and get unique feedback!
  11. Follow the simple path to the incubation at ESA BIC Poland!

The completed application form should be sent to by March 3, 2023 12:00 PM


Bootcamp regulations & Information on the processing of personal data & Application Form