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Change of Incentive scheme and update of Applicable Documents

With this communication, we inform all interested stakeholders that the terms and conditions of the ESA BIC Poland Incentive Scheme are hereby changed.

Firstly, the following provisions concerning the use of the Incentive are not applicable anymore:

  • The incentive can only be used by the incubatee for expenses with third parties related to IPR and product development.
  • The incubatee shall prove all expenses from the funding solely with third parties’ invoices used for IPR and product development. The incubatee is not authorized to use the above stated funding for reimbursement of his own hours spent in the project.

The change is that the incentive can be used for any purpose directly linked with achieving objectives of the ESA BIC Incubation Programme specified in the contractual baseline. Therefore, at the end of the Incubation Contract term, the costs incurred by the Incubatee will be reimbursed in full (within the incentive ceiling) provided that:
(a) Expenditures follow what has been specified in the expenditure plan provided in the incubation proposal and subsequently agreed upon with the Incubator, and
(b) Deliverables are provided to the Incubator as described in the Incubation Contract.

Explicit exclusions:
• The Incentive Scheme can be used only to cover salaries for personnel* hired by the start-up and not for entrepreneurs (applicants/founders) own wages;
• The incentive funding should not be used to pay for office rental costs or incubator service fees;
• The incentive funding shall not be used to pay for return on capital, interests, losses, debts or similar.

*If the applicant intends to use the incentive funding for paying internal costs (i.e. hired personnel), it is required that information is provided on personnel category, number of hours, and internal hourly rates. This should be provided for each task.

In addition, the changes also apply to incentive payments, which will be paid according to the following schedule:
1st tranche: Upon successful 1st Progress Meeting, submission of all applicable deliverables and Incubatee’s registration in relevant ESA systems.
2nd tranche: Upon successful Mid Term Review and acceptance by the Incubator of the MTR report and all related deliverables.
3th tranche: Upon successful Final Review, acceptance by the Incubator of all deliverables due under the Contract and fulfilment of all contractual obligations by the Incubatee under the Contract.

Please note that due to the changes, the Application Document in the Apply tab has been updated. From now on, applications submitted on document templates Issue A will not be accepted.