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Creotech Instruments, a leading Polish manufacturer of satellite systems and components, as well as advanced electronics for quantum computer control systems, supports startups incubated at ESA BIC Poland.

About the company

Creotech Instruments is Poland’s leading manufacturer of satellite systems and components, as well as advanced electronics for quantum computer control systems and other applications. The company is also pursuing the development of unmanned aerial systems delivering hardware and software for, among others, drone operations management. The Company operates its own electronics manufacturing plants and small satellite integration facilities. Creotech delivers proprietary solutions to the world’s most distinguished research institutions such as the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, the GSI Centre for Heavy Ion Research and the DESY Research Centre in Germany. In 2022, Creotech Instruments debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange as the first Polish space tech company.

At Creotech Instruments, our focus lies in developing high technologies, primarily within the space industry. We specialize in the manufacture of subsystems vital to major space missions and complete satellite systems such as the HyperSat satellite platform. Capable of accommodating a diverse array of missions, this platform supports varying payloads, spanning from observation and communication to scientific research. With our own ESA-certified electronics production lines and small satellite integration facilities, we meet the exacting demands of space-bound equipment.

For over five years, we have also been hard at work developing our quantum technology arm, creating and offering electronics and systems for controlling qubits in quantum computers.

Support offer


Creotech will respond to the needs of the ESA BIC Poland startups, creating conditions for project analysis and consultation with the Company’s engineers. Creotech will help startups to self-define, redefine and formulate the requirements of space missions carried out under current as well as future projects. Thanks to Creotech Instruments’ long experience in designing, manufacturing and testing electronic components for advanced satellite systems, the Company will be able to provide startups with unique knowledge and share its perspective on the processes of creating design requirements for space agencies.


Creotech is ready to offer to carry out the 0/A (inception) design phase for the startup within the limited budget remaining at the startup’s disposal. The Creotech Instruments team will be able to support startups in the scope that includes preparation of appropriate requirements related to the dimensions, mass, and energy requirements of the payload (which is the startup’s product) and adjust it to the requirements of traveling to space in accordance with safety requirements as well as space conditions.


Supporting startups in the commercialization of their solutions, offering access to an advanced and state-of-the-art platform that is ready to launch the payload developed by the startup into Earth orbit with the set parameters. The Creotech Instruments team will be ready to support startups in adapting their offerings to the expectations and requirements of the space sector market, which will translate into shorter time to market readiness.


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