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Rzeszów University of Technology

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Rzeszow University of Technology is the largest technical university in south-east Poland and provides technical support to start-ups incubated at ESA BIC Poland. 

About the company:

Rzeszow University of Technology is the largest technical university in south-east Poland. Rzeszow University of Technology offers its students a wide variety of programs and courses. It also undertakes research and scientific projects in the following specialized fields of the applied sciences: engineering, mathematics, physics, economics, as well as the chemical and biological sciences. Through its multilateral co-operation with entrepreneurial and industrial entities, the University carefully constructs and tailors its academic programs to offer students and graduates the most rewarding hands-on experience, benefitting the development of their professional careers on both a local and national level.

Since 1976, Rzeszów University of Technology has been training pilots for civil aviation.

Technical support offer

Rzeszów University of Technology provides support in the field of communication and electromagnetic compatibility analysis of devices, competences important in the field of space technologies.

The university’s structures include:

  • Research and Development Laboratory for Aerospace Materials (LabMatPL), which conducts interdisciplinary research, training in aerospace materials, and
  • Aerospace Research Laboratory (AOSL), which deals with: design and testing of jet and rocket propulsion; designing and testing hybrid drives, including those powered by hydrogen; FEA analyses, strain gauge tests; optical-measuring systems and polarization-optical analyses.

Read more about the research capabilities of the Rzeszów University of Technology in the area of space technology: RUT presentation


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